* Field recording as a way to encounter and articulate place


Around 7pm, Rio City Council, Presidente Vargas
Around half a million protesters. But it’s not about the numbers. It about all things left unsaid, left to do.

While on my way to Candelária I got distracted and was not able to find the people I was going to the protest with. I decided to move on alone anyway as like in the previous protests, the environment was mostly peaceful and cheerful.

After a long walk, I arrived to the city council. A huge crowd was already gathered singing ‘Não à violência’ (no to violence). A group of 8 or 10 covered their faces and run furiously towards the city council. While the crowd booed them, they attacked it with what seemed like a molotov cocktail. A few minutes later the police responded attacking indiscriminately the thousands of people with a feast of pepper gas bombs and rubber bullets. The sound you hear is from this first moment.

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