* Field recording as a way to encounter and articulate place


Around 7pm, Cinelândia
Rio has been shaped and reshaped in ways it’s hard to grasp.
With the World Cup and the Olympics, a new phase is coming.
Within a week the number of protestors in Rio has grown from 10.000 to 100.000.

Being 1.56m tall makes it difficult to photograph in a situation as this. Gil helped me out. This is his photo.

Around 11pm, Harbour Area (Pedra do Sal)
Aqui se respeita o Samba! (Here we respect Samba!). That’s what you see written on a big poster when entering Pedra do Sal.

This is one of the locations everybody has been saying it’s impossible to miss out on. I can understand why. ‘Putz, hoje foi loucura!’ (man, it was crazy!). But then again, it always is. People just gather around, get together and play Samba. It’s usually on Mondays.

Recording has so much to do with experiencing something. This is definitely one situation that it’s really hard to transcribe just through sound…

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