* Field recording as a way to encounter and articulate place


8:15am, Siqueira Campos – Botafogo
I’m late, or I think I am… Hard to get use to Carioca time: you’re not late as long as you’ll show-up. But still, I don’t want to keep my ride waiting too long.

As Cantagalo and Ipanema metro stations are closed, Siqueira Campos is temporarily the first or the last metro station.

On the beginning of the journey, each driver makes an introduction presenting themselves and indicating how long it will take to the final destination. There is always a little jingle playing before. I always feel tempted to do a silly dance. I decided to record the jingle today.

Extraordinarily there was some public information playing before. It is related to the photo from June 16th: an advert announcing the women-only coach and requesting respect.

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