* Field recording as a way to encounter and articulate place


3:55pm, Lapa
On the right hand side after the Lapa arches is the 96 meters height conical shaped cathedral. A Blade Runner moment. During the night a gradient of light illuminates it. It goes from purple to green.

I’ve been here before but forgot to press rec. Tullis didn’t. Today when I arrived, there was music playing. The three big doors that lead to the outside are opened and the sound from the outside bleeds in.

4:32pm, Selarón Stairs, Lapa
I’ve been to the Selarón stairs a few times since I arrived; Tullis is doing a project on Selarón and I helped with some interviews.

This photo was not taken today but on the 2nd of June. That’s Tullis on the left with the recorder and headphones. Next to him is a Spanish speaking TV crew interviewing Selarón assistant, César. Later, while interviewing him, we got to know he doesn’t understand Spanish.

Today, red lights from a police car guarding the stairs accentuated even more all the red tiles. The police have taken over the guardian role since Selarón died a brutal death, currently under investigation.

Lot’s of tourists gather here to take photos. I’m clearly in a strategic location and blocking a few amazing photos. I stop recording and moved.

From 5:30pm to 7pm, Candelária to Cinelândia
This protest was organised on a plenary agains the actions of the special police forces in Nova Holanda on the 22nd, resulting in 10 dead. According to Rede Globo 8.000 people participated in the protest.

And once again, I got lost and couldn’t find neither Mariluci nor Vitor. Found Gabi instead. We walked together. Around min 2:48 in the recording Gabi asks one of the protesters what does ‘Caveirão’ mean (BOPE armoured car).

The recording focuses on 3 different moments in the protest.
This was the first protest that had no violent incidents.

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