* Field recording as a way to encounter and articulate place

26 MAY


Around 11am, Copacabana – Ipanema
29˚, warm breeze. One of the lanes on Av. Atlântica was closed to the traffic and it was now a pedestrian area. This happens every Sunday.

I have decided to walk from Copacabana to Ipanema. The street was crowded and so was the beach. Although everything was happening, the sound was not invasive. There were skaters, bikers, cyclists, people walking, people playing volley ball, beach tennis, people carrying their heavy stand-up paddle surf boards to the ocean, kids running, a preacher presenting the March for Jesus, … While arriving at Ipanema the scenery changed. A while ago the buildings shaped the right side of the bay, now the mountains did. Although it seemed maybe less crowded, the lively sound continued. Behind me was a group playing capoeira and tourists photographing. The surf was nicer. Surfers and bodyboarders were waiting for a better set. The cyclists, bikers, skaters and people walking continued on their way. I stopped.

Around 4pm, Parque Garota da Ipanema, Ipanema
Parque Garota da Ipanema is a small park placed on a hill, right above the far end corner of Ipanema Beach.

We just walked past the small skatepark and stopped to do some recordings. The roaring sound of the waves filled the background.

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