* Field recording as a way to encounter and articulate place

23 MAY

7am, Copacabana
It was my turn to sleep on the inflatable mattress in the leaving room. Woke up at 7am, as I usually do, opened the window and laid on the mattres listening to the sound from the outside conquering the living room space.

The classes in the school on the patio below had started, the rumbling of the traffic and the urban commotion continued from the day before. It was 8am when I decided to press rec. The bird activity had slowed down. The rest continued.

Around 11am, Copacabana Beach
There were occasional joggers but apart from that, there wasn’t much happening. The tide was changing and so was the wind. The Sideshore slowly transformed into Offshore creating some really nice 2m tubes. I could do this forever!

Pressed rec and decided to take a photo. Rolled up the trousers and went into the shallow water closer to the waves. Was of course too optimistic and ended up by being soaked above the waist. Had a laugh and decided to stay and continue recording.

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