* Field recording as a way to encounter and articulate place


3:42, Largo do Machado
I was sitting on a circular stone bench with the metro station behind me. In front, there’s a school. It’s break time and some of the students are on the balcony waving at people passing by. To the left there’s a fountain we can listen to in the background and a set of tables made of stone where people gather to play cards and backgammon.
Constant traffic.

To my right it’s one of these green metal exercise spaces that older people use a lot. Tullis and I tried it for the first time half an hour later. Great fun.

5:38, Flamengo
Waiting for Batman. Yes, Batman.

I’m outside OI Futuro looking at all the Jean-Luc Godard posters. They are exhibiting ‘expo(R) Godard’. Tullis is surfing the net on his phone. After I took this photo, the urubu birds started circling around the moon. Batman arrived.

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